Hi, I’m Mike. I keep a personal little blog where I post ramblings. Mostly all of it is VR related, but I also share my thoughts on all things art, life, magic, and interaction. I might post a cool music video or even just say happy birthday to some family members. Thanks for perusing!

Chaplin Rocks

Check out this Chaplin video The Fireman: This movie came out in 1916. It is now the year 2020. Exactly 104 years will have passed come this June. The film is just as good. Nobody cares that it’s in black […]

Quest: Requesting me for Knowledge

I was recently recruited to join this company who pimps out experts in various fields for telephone conferences with corporate executives, hedge funds, and private equity clients looking to glean a bit of info and research before hedging their bets […]


There’s a popular misconception about VR where everybody tries to “fetishize the medium.” That’s what Ken Perlin calls it. Ken runs the future reality lab at NYU where I was a permanent fixture one summer before the tech was readily […]

First Impressions Are Everything

This post is about people’s first experience using VR. Most people hate their first encounter with VR. Maybe not HATE. That’s a bit of an exaggeration. But if it was a blind Tinder date between tester and headset, I don’t […]

The Meaning of Halsey

Check out this Halsey Video. Holy shit! She went country! Why do I like Halsey better than most pop artists of today. For one, she’s talented. She kicks ass at singing. Secondly, she can sing any genre and it works. […]

What does VR feel like?

People always ask me, “Hey man, what does VR feel like!?” My answer: it should feel like this Duke Dumont video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=FHCYHldJi_g But you know what? It never does. Why!? Because most people’s first encounter with VR is an obscenity.  […]


Why’s it called a “play”? Why’s it called a screen”play”? Why’s it called a stage”play”? Why’s it called a VR”play”? Why do children play? This one is about acting, theatre, childhood development, and philosophy. Be warned, it’s a long rabbit […]

Beginner’s Guide: Awareness

For those who know me, I’m not often critical. I like to live by the mantra, “You’re either part of the problem, or part of the solution.” Well, I hope this post is part of the solution – by shifting […]

The Cut

There’s not just all good VR press. Obviously there’s your fair share of nonbelievers, of people who’ve had bad first-time experiences, and there’s also this guy — Ashton Kutcher: In his Vox.com interview, our celebrity actor (and famous family shopper) […]