Mike Sadowitz is a creative professional with a background in technology, production, and magic. After directing immersive theatre, Mike became obsessed with virtual reality and lent his creative eye to the NYU Media Research Lab, where he received a personalized degree program in Magic Theory & Virtual Reality Production. Mike is also a professional magician who designs his own illusions, whose academic understanding of theatrical techniques and uses of misdirection grants him a novel approach to crafting virtual reality experiences.

Mike has over four years of experience in the entertainment industry, working with talent, managing teams, and building relationships with several virtual reality companies. Over the past few years, Mike spent his time building HBO’s internal virtual reality production studio in NYC.

Mike founded Peekaba & Mitzi Productions, an independent production studio where he is currently launching his latest gift to the VR consumer, Brain Pops.

Feel free to reach out! Mike’s always happy to chat about upcoming projects.